If we do not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food, either. Joseph Wood Krutch

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I want it NAU!

Please forgive my up front comments here.  I promise I will redeem myself by the time I am done.  You see, it seems that the new sustainable apparel store labeled "Nau" (that is pronounced now) is closing. (Collective aaaahhhh here). 

I guess the problem is that they wanted to create a store with a smaller physical footprint selling upscale clothes. However,this meant when you bought something there you often had to wait for it. (GASP!)  That didn't sit well with most of us Americans and so we just stayed away and went to Nordstrom.  After all, if we want something we don't want it Nau; we want it NOW! Anyway, it is rather ironic that at a store pronounced "now" you had to ummm..."wait".  Maybe the name wasn't the best idea they had.

Now here is where I redeem myself. What is wrong with waiting? I hate the big box stores and stay away unless I'm forced to go there. I mean there is all that space to heat, clean....fill. I say let's go back to the small neighborhood store with mom and dad running it and junior at the register when things got busy or maybe manning a broom. If that means paying a little more and waiting a little longer...good.  You can spend that time getting to know the shopkeeper.  Maybe become a friend. 

So...I'll keep it short since I know all you Americans out there like short blirpy things...like commercials...and this is nearly the end. Are you happy Nau. 

Oh, and Nau...it was a great idea really but most of us are broke out here and  probably couldn't afford your clothes anyhow.  And the rich dudes that would frequent your store? Well, they drive gas guzzlers and think sustainability is what you accomplish with a facelift. Maybe your demographic was just a little off. Try again though.  It's a good concept.